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Steam generator/boiler generates steam at high pressure and temperature but it is used in different sectionof the plant at reducedpressure and temperature. Reduction and maintaining pressure and temperature at required level is done through Pressure Reducing and desuperheating System (PRDS). PRDS comprises of two sections-pressure reducing and temperature reducing.

  • One stop solution for pressure and temperature control
  • Complete station IBR approved
  • Customised station
  • Fit at site
  • Very efficient to maintain pressure at required level
  • Maintains temperature close to saturation level
  • Inlet/outlet pipe size : 1/2” to 20”/ ½” and above
  • Inlet/outlet pipe MOC : Carbon steel/Alloy steel
  • Pressure rating : #150, #300, #600, #900
  • End connection : Flanged / BW
  • Control valve MOC: Carbon steel / Alloysteel
  • Pressure transmitter : 2 wire, 4-20m A output
  • Controller : Panel mounted, 4-20m A output

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