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  • TECNIK’s `S’ Series Actuators are pneumatically operated single spring opposed diaphragm actuators providing high thrust and linear movement of valve plug in response to varying controller or valve positioners, pneumatic output signals applied to the actuator diaphragm.
  • High quality spring steel for springs, fabric inserted diaphragm and a sturdy design are determining factors for a very reliable product with wide selection of spring ranges are available.
  • Use of ball thrust races prevents torsional loads being applied to the diaphragm as well as reducing the effort required to pre-compress the spring.
  • Best suitable for throttling and ON−OFF applications.
  • Low cost, simple maintenance
  • Simple cost effective design
  • Long service life and reliability
  • NAMUR yoke reduces backlash
  • High power, full response and low hysteresis
  • Manual operation incorporated with hand wheel arrangements
  • Variety of models available for low & high thrust requirements
  • High performance, low friction rolling diaphragm gives comparable hysteresis
  • Diaphragm area : 38, 75, 150 and 300
  • Maximum supply pressure : 3.4 bar
  • Operating temperature range : −40 deg. C to 90 deg. C
  • Air connections : 3/8” and 1” NPT
  • Diaphragm material : NBR ( Nitrite rubber ) with fabric reinforced & EPDM with fabric reinforcement
  • Actuator spring : Spring steel, Epoxy coated
  • Actuator stem sealing : NBR
  • Actuator stem, bolts & nuts : Stainless Steel
  • Application required
  • Actuator type
  • Valve plug travel
  • Spring range
  • Valve action
  • Supply pressure
  • Air connection
  • Mounting details

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