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HICON 6000

HICON 6000 is a Severe Service Control Valve designed for pressure critical applications in the oil & gas, boiler and power plant industry.

Its robust body design, operational reliability and customised valve construction for specific use, makes it an exacting valve for your needs.See more.

HICON 6000 comes in a variety of cage trims to suit the widest range of industrial applications and has interchangeable internal parts. Conforming to various international standards, and actuator and positioner options, this control valve is the ideal option for your needs.


Robust body design
High flow capacity for better flow-rate to line size ratio
Pressure sealed bonnet option
Variety of cage trims designs to suit wide range of industrial applications
Wide range of noise reduction and cavitation control options
Quick change self aligning trim / seat design
Top entry trim for easy inline assessment and maintenance
Long service life and Operational reliability
Interchangeable internal parts

Size range : 1/2" - 16"
Pressure Ratings : 600#, 900#, 1500# & 2500#
End Connections : Flanged RF. RTJ, BW and SW
Body Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Aluminium, Bronze       & Higher Alloys
Plug Options : Contoured, Balanced Cage, Noise Reduction trims
Trim Characteristics : EQ% , Linear
Leakage Class : Class IV, Class V & Class VI
Standards : ASME B16.34, ASME B16.5, SFS EN 12516, ISA S75.16, ASME SEC VIII and IBR 1950

Upto Four Stage Pressure Reduction Trims
Angle Design
Noise Reduction Baffles
Oversized Outlet

Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators
Pneumatic Piston Actuators
Electric Actuators
Manual - Hand Operated Unit
Electro Hydraulic Actuators

Positioners - (Pneumatic / Electropneumatic / Smart)
Air Filter & Regulator
Solenoid Valve
Limit Switches
Volume Booster
Lock-up Valve
Position Transmitter
Counter Flanges
Stroke Limiter
Quick Exhaust

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