Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the advantage of Multispring Actuator?

Multispring Actuator is compact in design, and also we can change the fail safe action on field.

Q What kind of Gasket Tecnik provide?

Tecnik provide the Graphite Gasket with SS shim inserts.

Q What is the advantage of Graphite Gasket with SS shim Insert?

Graphite Gasket is Eco friendly and it is reusable at least for 2 to 3 times.

Q How much spares we have to keep in the inventory?

Most of the Internals & Externals parts are common for sizes 15 mm to 80 mm & 100 mm to 150 mm, which reduces the cost as well as inventory.

For such application we provide an Anti Static hose, for details refer brochure or contact us

Q What is the MOC of Diaphragm?

We provide Nitrile Diaphragm.

Q What is the medium of testing the seat leakage?

Test the seat leakage on Air Medium we have customized the seat leakage zig for us.

Q What kinds of testing facility Tecnik have?

We have Hydra Test, Seat Leakage Test, Cyclic Test, Calibration Test & Cv Testing facilities.

Q what are the advantages of Skirted plug design?

Skirted plug design acts Top & bottom guided, so deviations of the plug avoided, hence better leakage class can be maintained. Shorter stroke length leads to faster response.

Q Is Interchangeabilities of Positioner possible?

Yes, Pneumatic positioner & Electro pneumatic positioner can be replace on site.

Q For Cavitation what special design you have?

We have special Trim design with Multihole cage. name as, NA-1, NA-2, NA-3 & NA-4 (Multi Stage design)