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A Diaphragm Valve is a versatile valve and is one of the most economical valve solutions in chemical applications, due to the wide choice of wetted materials.

Available on a manual (hand-wheel operated) and actuated version (on-off/control), Diaphragm valves are self-draining and self-cleaning.
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Broad material availability
Slurry applications
High purity applications
Corrosive applications
Bubble tight shut off
Bonnet isolation
Vacuum applications

Size range :1/2" - 10"
Pressure Ratings : 125#, 150#,
End Connections : Flanged RF / FF
Body Material : Cast Iron, Cast Steel & Stainless Steel
Linings: EPDM, Neoprene, Ebonite Silicone, PTFE, PFA
Diaphragm : EPDM, Buna-N, PTFE
Trim Characteristics : On-Off , Throttling
Leakage Class : Class VI As Per FCI 70-22

Trunion Mounted Ball
Three Way L-Port Or T-Port
Jacketed Body
Stem Extension For Insulation

Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators
Pneumatic Piston Actuators
Electric Actuators

Positioners - ( Pneumatic / Electropneumatic / Smart )
Air Filter & Regulator
Solenoid Valve
Limit Switches
Lock-Up Valve
Position Transmitter

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