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Tecnik’s series UNICON 4000L lined ball valves are ideally suited for corrosive application, requiring reliable performance, tight shut-off, constant torque and no maintenance.

The Valve successfully handle a multitude of corrosive application in industries such as chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, foundries and mining etc.
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Highly corrosive fluids such as, Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid.
Nitric acid and phosphoric acid.
Adhesive, paper industry and fuel transport.
Wet and dry chlorine.
Semi-conductor application.


High quality PFA lining materials cover a wide range of corrosive applications.
Full bore offers high Cv value equal to the pipe.
Bubble tight shut-off precision machined ball and seats.
The self adjusting packing is maintenance free and helps provide a leak-free stem seal.
Specific anti blow-out shaft design which cannot be affected by the media according to API 609.
PFA lining offers highest corrosion resistance.
Direct mounting according to ISO 5211.

Size Range : ½” to 8”
Pressure Ratting : 150# class
End Connections : Flanged RF
Leakage Class : VI (soft seated)
Flow Characteristics : ON-OFF, Throttling
Temperature Range : -30°C to 180°C

Rack & Pinion Type
Single & Double Acting Type
Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

Pneumatic Valve Positioner
Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner
Air Filter Regulator
Solenoid Valve
Limit Switch
Proximity Switch
Side Mounted Handwheel
Other Accessories available on request

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