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Tecnik Actuators are efficient new generation actuators. They are pneumatically operated multi-spring diaphragm actuators for high thrust and linear movement of valve plugs, with accurate control.

Its construction material used and thrust power make it best suited for throttling, modulating and on-off process applications.
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High quality spring steel for springs, fabric inserted diaphragm and a sturdy design are determining factors which make our actuators a very reliable product.


Compact, lightweight and low overall height
Powerful thrusts at high stroking speed
Field reversible without any additional parts
Different spring range by varying the number of springs or compression
Manual operation incorporated with handwheel arrangements
Variety of models available for how and high thrist requirements
Long service life and maintenance free

Diaphragm area : 36,60,108,150 & 300 inch2
Maximum supply pressure : 6 bar
Operating temperature range : -5C to 80 DegC
Air connections : ¼" NPT and 3/8" NPT
Diaphragm material : NBR (Nitrile Rubber) with fabric reinforcement, EPDM with fabric reinforcement
Actuator stem : SS316
Actuator stem sealing : NBR
Diaphragm casing : steel sheet; powder coated stainless steel available on request

When ordering specify:

Application required
Actuator type
Valve plug travel
Spring range
Valve action
Supply pressure
Air connection
Mounting details

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