About Our Company

TECNIK VALVES Pvt. Ltd. is globally renowned for its Control Valves - superior quality control valves that are better engineered and precision machined surpassing extremely stringent quality standards. We adhere to the ISO 9001 : 2008 QMS and ensure that each valve delivered to the customer passes through a series of in-process and final inspection.

We have The UNICON 1000 series for the most general WOG & and utility applications. It is a compact valve with multiple spring actuators along with an impressive set of features packed in a tiny envelope. Valves are available from 1/2" to 16" sizes in 150# and 300# variants - in a wide variety of materials.

The HICON 6000 series is for severe services: Higher pressures, Blow Down Applications, Noise Reduction, Cavitating Flows etc…designed to handle the toughest of jobs!!! Valves are available from 1/2" to12" sizes in 600#, 900#, 1500# & 2500#

HICON 6000 is available in a pressure sealed design and also in a Bolted Bonnet Design.

We offer a wide variety of MOC to support the most demanding services - Duplex, Super Duplex, Al Bronze and other HiNickel alloys.

For Actuation options we have Multiple Spring Compact Actuators, Single Spring Pneumatic actuators that can offer Valve Travel up to 8" & an option of Pneumatic Piston Actuators for longer strokes & higher force, can also offer electrically actuated valves.

We specialize in a complete Automation Package that includes a gamut of accessories such as Lock-Up Devices, Volume Boosters, Smart Positioner, Manual Over-Ride, Volume Tank, position switch, Solenoids with Redundant Coils etc.

Needless to say that a series of NDT tests and certificates are available (details available on request).

We have a massive infrastructure on par with international standards which supports such requirements No two valves are the same and we realize the importance of proper sizing and selection. Our proprietary valve sizing software and the engineering resources at our disposal ensure this.

Tecnik Valves Private Limited is a single point manufacturer of all automated valve requirements for process & utilities services.

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